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  • Mash Grill and Spoiler has been designed according to user choice
  • Aftermarket MUFFLER was previously installed but later changed the exhaust to DUAL
  • Front Bumper Kit, Side Skirts and Rear Bumper has been inspired from the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corolla Fielder, Toyota AXIO
  • BONCADIO 12" Sub-Woofer Boxed with built in BONCADIO AMPLIFIER
  • not much modifications in the engine but the air intake has been slightly modified with the local aftermarket
  • 16" wheels was previously installed changing it from the stock
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  • Custom front lips of AE-111 COROLLA
  • Side skirts inspired from COROLLA Fielder
  • CUSTOM Muffler Exhaust
  • BONCADIO 12" Sub-Woofer with built in AMP
  • and Rear Bumper Kit inspired from Toyota Corolla AXIO
  • Upgrading the engine to 1.6L or even better