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  • magniflux and re-polished and fitted with handmade centers with an Amber arrowhead (Ultem) then mounted with P235r16
  • ZZP solid 34mm frt. sway bar/custom links
  • Throttle body Ultem spacer
  • Hood is an F.1 MPD. Rear spoiler is a 2003 limited Edition piece. The headlights are projection HIDs & the tail lights are LEDs. The rest of the body is stock except for the emblems. These are custom designed and made using 6061 aluminum and on the front arrowhead an inlay of amber (Ultem)
  • ZZP front power log
  • Stereo is stock except for the 200 watt amp behind the rear seat pass through.
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  • AEM Electronics Engine Electronics: AEM EMS Series 2
  • Alpine Amplifier
  • Suspension Techniques Strut Bars
  • JL Audio Tweeters
  • Jim Wolf Tech Perf. Chip
  • Nissan Turbocharger: SR20DET
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T Sport
  • Standard T-Sport alloys
  • Custom made exhaust
  • Front tow strap
  • custom euro plate
  • new head unit
  • Coilovers
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