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  • ZZP 3" cat down pipe U bend delete
  • GMPP 19mm rear sway bar/custom links OEM racing springs & struts. Rear track increased 2" overall. Hand built and blueprinted front & rear suspension components. Rear suspension cradle is re-designed with increased re-reinforcements.
  • functional plenum cooling cover to interface with the F.1 hood function
  • overflow cap
  • electrical module center cover & locking nut
  • Yella 1.9-1 rockers
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  • This is Toyota Hilux Surf 1995 with few cosmetic modifications.
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  • 4e-fte
  • 3A racing exhaust
  • MTX Bass Box
  • Rota Grid wheels and Nitto NT01 tires

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  • exhaust
  • paint
  • World tech touch screen with usd/dvd player 600watt
  • Body kits
  • wheels
  • spoiler
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Titanium edition i4WD
  • I also had the taillights smoked (tinted) with a custom paint job.
  • I will hydro dip some more pieces in the interior and some pieces in the engine bay. I want to get LED taillights and redo the headlights also.
  • I had the front headlights done with some custom work. (Painted inner housing black & installed extra LED DRL halo rings) I also upgraded all of the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs and upgraded the HID bulbs from 4300k stock to 8000k.
  • I vinyl wrapped certain pieces as well.
  • Hydro dipped and painted some pieces. Vinyl wrapped as well.
  • K&N air filter
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