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  • ZZP front power log
  • BMR Traction bars & lateral bars with custom SS adjusters and locking nuts
  • magniflux and re-polished and fitted with handmade centers with an Amber arrowhead (Ultem) then mounted with P235r16
  • Stock
  • overflow cap
  • master cylinder cap
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  • This is Toyota Hilux Surf 1995 with few cosmetic modifications.
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  • Rota Grid wheels and Nitto NT01 tires
  • MTX Bass Box
  • 3A racing exhaust
  • 4e-fte

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  • Body kits
  • wheels
  • World tech touch screen with usd/dvd player 600watt
  • exhaust
  • paint
  • spoiler
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Titanium edition i4WD
  • Upgrading performance wheels and tires. ROVOS Durban (20"x10")
  • I want to get a performance exhaust; air intake; blow-off valve; custom tune; custom air inlet snorkel...upgraded intercooler & intercooler piping; down pipe and last but not least an upgraded turbocharger.
  • I vinyl wrapped certain pieces as well.
  • Some minor vinyl wrapping on exterior (roof & side mirrors) as well as some more custom painting. I want to get H&R lowering springs for a subtle lowered ride height to eliminate any body roll.
  • The front windows are tinted to match the rest and I also have the eyebrow shade (tinted) on the front windshield.
  • I also had the taillights smoked (tinted) with a custom paint job.
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