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  • while all related plastic components have been replaced by custom built aluminum pieces. Additional hand built and blueprinted front & rear suspension components replaced existing ones. Rear suspension cradle is re-designed with increased re-reinforcements. Lower A-arms transverse or vertical bearing was replaced with a custom made spherical heim bearing design.
  • and fitted with handmade centers
  • Hood is an F.1 MPD. Rear spoiler is a OEM 2003 limited Edition piece. The headlights are projection HIDs & the tail lights are LEDs. The rest of the body is stock except for the emblems. These are custom designed and made using 6061 aluminum and on the front arrowhead an inlay of amber (Ultem)
  • Relocated coil pack bracket & coils 1.5" away from engine to enhance coil cooling. Chromed alternator, steel bar alternator brace replaced with polished 6061 aluminum bar. ZZP front power log, ZZP 3" cat down pipe U bend delete, new stock OEM cat back system.
  • front & rear KYB adjustable struts with OEM racing springs. Front track increased 1.5 overall width
  • This work has now started, all suspension pieces have been replaced by upgraded new higher end aftermarket components or custom machined pieces.
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  • Veilside
  • bar cage
  • Borla
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  • This is Toyota Hilux Surf 1995 with few cosmetic modifications.

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  • Kakimoto hypergtbox
  • Coils
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  • Earls turbo oil line kit
  • Xforce 3.5" turbo back exhaust with stainless cat back
  • Rapid 800hp intercooler
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