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  • ZZP front power log
  • Additional suspension mods for even better handling & a custom front splitter.
  • This work has now started, all suspension pieces have been replaced by upgraded new higher end aftermarket components or custom machined pieces.
  • Stereo is stock except for the 200 watt amp behind the rear seat pass through.
  • Custom Machined Heads, Yella 1.9-1 rockers, 72mm Throttle body, Throttle body Ultem spacer, ZZP power Log, hyper tuned PCM, 180 thermostat. Clandestine Ram Air System setup. "Custom designed" valve covers, upper strut tower tie, top motor mounts & brackets, functional plenum cooling cover to interface with the F.1 hood function, electrical module center cover & locking nut, Indian head emblems & cross braces, oil cap, master cylinder cap, overflow cap, oil dipstick.
  • mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 P-245 45r 18
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  • This is Toyota Hilux Surf 1995 with few cosmetic modifications.

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  • powerfull bass
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city golf
  • 15"BBS RS26 limited edition stamped bbs only 2 in kzn
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  • Full Sony
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  • Abf turbo with dsg box
  • Rabbit All old skool bumpers fenders lights and grill