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  • 180 thermostat. Clandestine Ram Air System setup. Custom designed & made valve covers
  • Hood is an F.1 MPD. Rear spoiler is a 2003 limited Edition piece. The headlights are projection HIDs & the tail lights are LEDs. The rest of the body is stock except for the emblems. These are custom designed and made using 6061 aluminum and on the front arrowhead an inlay of amber (Ultem)
  • upper strut tower tie
  • Torque Star Wheels
  • oil dipstick. Relocated coil pack bracket & coils 1.5" away from engine to enhance coil cooling. Chromed alternator
  • top motor mounts & brackets
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  • MTX Bass Box
  • 3A racing exhaust
  • 4e-fte
  • Rota Grid wheels and Nitto NT01 tires
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  • Nismo Ignition
  • Alpine Amplifier
  • Eibach Springs
  • HKS Exhaust
  • AEM Electronics Engine Electronics: AEM EMS Series 2
  • Nismo Transmission

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Titanium edition i4WD
  • I will hydro dip some more pieces in the interior and some pieces in the engine bay. I want to get LED taillights and redo the headlights also.
  • I Modified the lower front bumper for more air flow to the intercooler and installed a custom black mesh grille in the opening. I also got a custom paint job to the inner section of the front bumper.
  • I want to get a performance exhaust; air intake; blow-off valve; custom tune; custom air inlet snorkel...upgraded intercooler & intercooler piping; down pipe and last but not least an upgraded turbocharger.
  • Hydro dipped and painted some pieces. Vinyl wrapped as well.
  • The front windows are tinted to match the rest and I also have the eyebrow shade (tinted) on the front windshield.
  • K&N air filter
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T Sport
  • Lowered 40mm on springs
  • Coilovers
  • new wheels
  • Standard
  • Rear JDM tow hook
  • custom euro plate